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I have just printed a new sets of postcard, based on my Bristol’s acrylic pictures I used to show on the first Art Meeting Exhibition in 2011. Thanks to dependable MOO .


21st May 2016 0


The next etsy listings. New cards are combining in the thematic sets of three or two items – The Fairies, My Fantasy World and Landscapes.

I made them using a stickers which are digital printed miniatures of few drawings and paintings I made recently or during the last years.

The stickers was perfectly printed by

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All are wrapped and ready to sell.

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The small, lovely greeting card, made by mixed media, including metallic golden marker and nail polish is the first item I would like to sell on Etsy Shop
The heart is one of the most popular theme in the world suggesting love and happiness so I decided to use this basic symbol in some of my works.

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2nd Feb 2014 0

Art meeting is a periodical creative output review of Polish artists, both professional and unprofessional kind.

The exhibition has been taking place in The Polish ex-Combatants Association house in Bristol since 2011.

Its aim is to extensive presentation of artwork and integration polish artistic community in Bristol.

This year the organizers has invited the Polish artist from all around the UK and it is scheduled on the last quarter of 2014.

50 St. Paul’s Road
Bristol BS8 1LP

Art Meeting Facebook profile.

3rd Jan 2014 0

I paint the portraits being inspired by photos vry often. It is easier to create by this way than looking at the posers and asking them: ‘Don’t move for a while, please”. They usually do not listen.  Also it takes a lot of time and I should be synchronized with the person, who poses.

Therefore I prefer using a photo.

The charming light is the thing I found myself attracted to.


My  acrylic painting shows my experiment with the light by using a different colour range.


…then I have painted this one.

23rd Dec 2013 0

A good year for having fun making art with very young art apprentices.
These illustrative pictures summarize 2013.